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How it all began

Years ago I came across a book called You’re not fat, you’re toxic. Quite a different way to describe a very common self-image problem, don't you agree? At least that is what I thought and of course, I had to read it. And who would have thought that it would open the door to a wealth of knowledge that eventually lead me to a career in health and wellness?  

From the book I learned that not all ingredients in our food are beneficial to our body. Which motivated me to switch to organic and learn to be mindful of the labels on food. The book lead to movies about GMOs, the poor conditions of farm-raised animals, food policies, and much more. All contributed to me becoming vegetarian and taking my health into my own hands. 

What did it mean to take my health into my own hands? Well, I started learning about the healing powers of food through doctors, chiropractors, and other people who took responsibility of their health. Every time I learned something new, I applied it to myself. I would experiment with eliminating foods, or introducing ones I have never eaten before. I would test ideas, like food combining and detoxing programs. All in an effort to find what best suits my body's needs. 

I learned that our body is a beautifully designed system that knows how to do its job. We, on the other hand, because of a misconstrued understanding of it and an inability to read its language, do not cooperate with it to take care of us. Whenever we learn to work with our body it awards us with great health. 

Whenever great health comes, I believe we develop the desire to create more great things in our lives - great relationships, great careers, great home environments, great feelings, and so on. And whenever we start to create that, we are inspired to share our experiences and growth with others. So they can grow as well. 

Having had that realization myself, I decided to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and pay it forward. I hope I get to meet you soon and we can work together towards your life transformation. 

- Elen -