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What is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach?

An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach mentors clients to create and maintain long-term lifestyle changes to enhance their overall wellness. They make recommendations to help clients enact health-supportive modifications and habits. These recommendations might include developing strategies to incorporate more physical activity; adding in more fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking more water to crowd out sugar, processed grains, and caffeinated beverages; learning to nurture good relationships; identifying career aspirations and developing strategies to actualize these goals; and deepening spiritual practices through meditation, nature, or religion to enhance self-fulfillment.

What are the Integrative Nutrition's unique theories?

1. It integrates all the dietary theories. With over 100 dietary theories in our Health Coach Training Program, you have the chance to explore a wide variety of eating styles to see what works best for you.
2. Primary food overrides secondary food. We stress the importance of focusing on relationships, spirituality, career, and physical activity – they are the solid building blocks to achieve superior health.
3. Diet should be based on the individual, not the theory. 
4. Crowd out by adding foods into the diet instead of taking foods away.  
5. Given half a chance, the human body will heal itself by itself. 
6. Deconstruct cravings by listening to the body’s messages. The body is more complex than we may think. The heart never misses a beat; the lungs always breathe. When the body is craving sweets, chocolate, or alcohol, it’s probably not making a mistake. It’s trying to create a balance for something that’s out of sync in the system.
7. De-evolution is natural. It is inevitable that the quality of your life will soar above people around you because your understanding of how to live life has a deeper foundation and education that will navigate you through the challenges that occur.
8. The same diet and lifestyle changes will help almost everyone recover from almost anything. The world is a melting pot of different people, cultures, and practices. We’re all hungry to understand the best ways to eat, but sometimes the confusion from thousands of diet books and products steers us away from the understanding of what basic diet and lifestyle changes can do to help the individual grow.

How will the sessions be conducted?

The session can be conducted either in-person (if you are local), online (such as via Skype), or through phone calls.

You mentioned on your website you are vegetarian. Does that mean you will prescribe a vegetarian diet to me?

No. Even though I follow a plant-based diet, I do understand that all of our needs are different. One concept that we explore is bio-individuality, that is one person's food may be another person's poison. With that being said, we will work together to find out the foods that best suit your body's needs.

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